8 Day Yoga & Massage Retreat


Go deep in your yoga practice, while practicing and receiving Ceremonial Massage, and restore balance in all aspects of your life.


Explore styles of hatha, yin, and nidra yoga, combined with ceremonial massage, that will help you connect with your heart, and restore balance in all aspects of your life.

These healing modalities will allow you to connect with your emotional needs, learn how to respect your body, open your heart, balance masculine and feminine energy, and get clarity on your path.



Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, we will guide you in a very safe and deep practice of hatha, yin, and nidra yoga, leaving you feeling renewed, connected, and empowered.

This retreat includes 12 sessions offered on our newly built yoga platform, a very intimate space surrounded by nature. To create it, we used two kinds of wood with medicinal properties: Eucalyptus and Copaiba trees.

A complimentary experience in this retreat, is a guided yoga practice at Inca ruins, up in the mountains.



During this retreat, we bring you to a guided yoga practice at Inca ruins, up in the mountains. These sacred sites allow you to awaken the magician within you, open your energy centers, and connect to Mother Earth.



During this retreat, you will have the chance to learn the foundation of Ceremonial Massage, by practicing, and by receiving.

We will guide you through 3 workshops that will give you the basic skills of Ceremonial Massage, as you give and receive from one another.

Ceremonial Massage is a unique healing modality developed by Diana Deer Hawk. She has been offering Ceremonial Massage for over 10 years through inner vision, shamanic journeys, body-work training in Swedish, acupressure, cranial sacral, womb healing, energy healing, and instrumental sound. She is now called to guide people through their personal discovery, and dance in the art of Ceremonial Massage.



We offer personal guidance, and choose to respect the quality of small group benefits. If you are in a sacred couple, and wish to do the retreat together, we can arrange a private retreat for the two of you.



As you explore the body and the mind, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about how to welcome your emotions as messengers of transformation. Two workshops on the wisdom of emotions are offered during this retreat, so you can embrace your feelings as nature's expression inside of you.

Following your truth, your intuition, and the way you feel, will allow you to be fully authentic, and make choices that are aligned with your heart.


Your Teachers

Vera Lucia

A yoga instructor in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Nidra Yog, she fell in love with what yoga and meditation awakened in her, and got a deep healing in her practice that made her realize her mission as a channel to share this path.

Her classes have moments of deep inner wisdom. The emphasis is on the natural alignment of the body, safety, and gentleness, so you can fully experience the benefits of the practice.


Diana Deer Hawk

A passionate yoga teacher on the path of self-love and living a sacred life, she is trained in hatha, yin, and ceremonial yoga, as well as yoga therapeutics, pre and post plant ceremony yoga, and adjustments.

She is a practitioner and teacher of Ceremonial Massage, qi-gong, cleansing rituals, and sound healing. She will help you refine your practice, so you can eventually be on your own, and become your own healer.

Matiyu Alku Chaska

A devoted healing facilitator, spiritual teacher, meditation guide, and ceremonial yoga practitioner. He has an extensive repertoire in conscious communication and emotional healing.

He helps you remember and integrate the sacredness of presence, and nature as medicine.



• 12 Yoga sessions on outdoor platform

• 1 Yoga session at a sacred site

• 3 Ceremonial Massage Workshops

• 2 Cacao Ceremonies

• 1 Sound Healing Concert

• 7 Nights Accommodation

• Vegetarian Meals

• Hot Medicinal Flower Bath

• Hot gas shower



During this retreat, you will get your lunch and dinner prepared with love by our Peruvian chef. You can decide to have your meals vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, or catered to personal needs and allergies.

For breakfast, you will be provided with delicious ingredients, fresh fruits, and beverages of your choice, for you to prepare your first meal of the day at your own rhythm and taste.



Airfare, and any transportation, to and from the healing center, are not included. Visits to Machu Picchu, and other paid archeological sites, are not included.