7 Day Huachuma & Sacred Cacao Retreat

Amaruanka invites you to experience one of the most sacred plant medicine in Peru: Huachuma, also known as San Pedro. This is a heart-opening, mind-calming, and sensory-expanding journey, where you will connect with your inner child, receive insights about your life's path, and cultivate loving compassion for yourself, and your loved ones.



Huachuma, also known as San Pedro, is a cactus that grows in the Andean mountains of Peru. It has been revered and honoured by the local medicine people for ages, ingested in ceremonies to bring clarity, connection to Mother Earth, and to the Sacred Heart.

This plant medicine is experienced during daylight, beginning early in the morning, and lasts all day, fading gently in the evening.

Immerse yourself in a safe, intimate, and private environment, surrounded by nature, eucalyptus trees, and the sound of hummingbirds, to connect with the Spirit of Huachuma.

A complimentary experience in this retreat, is a guided meditation at Inca ruins, up in the mountains, and 2 cacao ceremonies, to help you open your heart, and reconnect with your soul’s purpose.


We offer private ceremonies, and ceremonies for small groups of 2 to 4 participants. We offer personal guidance, and choose to respect the quality of small group benefits, as we are able to accompany you with heart-felt support during your journey.

If you are in a sacred couple, and wish to do the retreat together, we can arrange a private retreat for the two of you.



Diana Deer Hawk and Matiyu Alku Chaska have experienced extensive personal work with ayahuasca, huachuma, psilocybin mushrooms, cacao, with the intention of facilitating small intimate groups.

We have worked with Shipibo healers and Andean Qeros, and feel called to facilitate and host Huachuma retreats as a masculine and feminine balancing energy, at our healing center in Urubamba.

Together, we are here to guide you through an intimate journey of self love, personal transformation, and dissolving limiting beliefs and core wounds. We provide personal guidance throughout our ceremonies, cleansing rituals, and meditation.

We look forward to serve you on the path of self-love and sacred relationships.



• 6 nights accommodation

• 3 Huachuma Ceremonies

• 2 Cacao Ceremonies

• Space to meditate & practice yoga

• One-on-one guidance

• Hot medicinal flower bath

• Hot gas shower

• Vegan meals (Food & Chef Option)

• Fully equipped kitchen

• Organic herbs & vegetables from our garden



When you choose the “Food & Chef” option, you will get your lunch and dinner prepared with love by our Peruvian chef. You can decide to have your meals vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, or catered to personal needs and allergies.

For breakfast, you will be provided with delicious ingredients, fresh fruits, and beverages of your choice, for you to prepare your first meal of the day at your own rhythm and taste.



Meals are only included with the Food & Chef option; otherwise, you will have access to a fully equipped kitchen 24/7, and to our garden for you to harvest organic herbs and vegetables. Only vegetarian meals are allowed to be cooked in the kitchen. Thank you for respecting this request. Airfare, and any transportation, to and from the healing center, are not included. Visits to Machu Picchu, and other paid archeological sites, are not included. It will be a pleasure to tell you where to go for free sites to visit! Ceremonial Massage is available at extra charge.